Are 1,000 Buddhas Enough?

Brother Chân Trời Đạo Quang

During the Rains’ Retreat 2021, my brothers would often see me mixing a grayish dust with water in an old pot and then pouring the mixture into a small blue bucket. Eventually, I would return to the monastic residence with something in my hands, much to their curiosity. I did this every day for the 90-days of the Rains’ Retreat.

My mission

I was pouring cement Buddhas every day during the 90-Day Rains’ Retreat. I set out to make ninety Buddhas, one on each day of the retreat and to give them to our lay friends as a gift at the end of it. I decided to do this because I love Buddha statues. I just have fun with the mud and a mold I made to cast the Buddhas. When I take a Buddha statue out of the mold, I have a very happy feeling. It’s a bit like becoming a father. I am very focused on the job and my mind comes to rest. At the end of each day I hold a Buddha statue in my hands and I take it back to the residence feeling very satisfied. I really enjoy it.

Giving away Buddha statues

I decided to give the Buddhas away as whenever I see one, I calm down and start smiling. Automatically! I have also observed that many other people have a similar experience. So, the idea to make Buddha statues and to give them away was born in me. I want more people to see Buddhas and feel happy. In these difficult times with contact restrictions and mask requirements, this action can help to put a smile on people’s faces. Actually, I would love to have one for everyone. To give each person a Buddha, to be able to see that they are happy for a moment. I am sure if there were more Buddha statues in the world, more people would feel happy and behave more peacefully. I have set out to make 100,000 Buddha statues. Let’s see if I can do it in this life. In any case, it cannot be achieved with my current resources, but let’s see what happens, maybe there will be a solution!

Would you like a Buddha statue from Br. Dao Quang?

One day when you come to Plum Village, please look for me. You don’t need to give me anything. You can give the Buddha a nice home or give it away as a present to a loved one. They are weather and frost proof. If you don’t like the color, you can also paint it.